Knowing what type of flooring to use for your horses can sometimes be overwhelming. You want your horses to be as comfortable and safe as possible, but at the same time you need to remain within budget. A good place to start is ensuring you have a level, firm base; either a concrete or level, well-compacted stone dust base is appropriate. You must then decide on the comfort level required and amount of bedding you will be using in your stalls.

Our premium product is StableComfort, which provides unsurpassed comfort through a resilient stall surface, which mimics natural turf. Horses on this type of flooring lie down more often and for longer periods of time. Injury rehabilitation time isoften decreased and stiff joints are loosened. When standing, StableComfort flooring provides a supportive, even surface.

Our base product is proven rubber stall mats, which come in a variety of configurations. Our most popular is the 4' x 6' x 3/4" mat in either straight edge or interlocking design. We recommend flat top and bottom mats as they are the most slip-resistant and do not allow any air to get under the mat, which results in less smell.

Button mats provide good cushion, and are our best rubber matting option for those on a budget.

Our premium flooring option for aisleways and wash stalls is our I-Tiles, which provide an elegant look while also providing your horse's legs and joints with the best traction and cushioning available. These tiles are sure to be a highlight in any barn.

Interlocking rubber mats are another great option for aisleway, wash stall, or stall flooring as they provide an attractive, impermeable finish in addition to adequate cushioning.

For a truly customized experience choose our SportFloor Stamina mats, which can be manufactured with your barn's logo or any other design. This flooring also repels water and is slip-resistant, making it an excellent choice for wash stalls.

We also offer an exclusive rubber cutter for rent or purchase.

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