Innovative Horse Stall Mats

Taking Comfort and Safety to New Levels

Good flooring allows your horse’s hard-working legs and joints some relief and keeps him from slipping on wet surfaces. It’s easy to clean, saves you money on bedding and reduces the smell in your barn. Knowing what type of flooring to use for your horses can be overwhelming. You want your horses to be as comfortable and safe as possible, but you also want to remain within budget. That’s where our industry experts can really come in handy. Let us worry about the logistics and hard work, so you can get back to doing what you love – which is spending time in the barn and with your horses.
First, make sure you have a level, firm base; either a concrete or level, well-compacted stone dust base will be appropriate. Next, decide on the comfort level needed and how much bedding you’ll be using in your stalls. Once these two factors have been determined, we can begin!


StableComfort provides unsurpassed comfort through a resilient surface that mimics natural turf! Horses on this type of flooring lie down more often and for longer periods of time. Injury rehabilitation time is often decreased and stiff joints generally loosen up. Being extremely cushioned doesn’t take away from support though! When you horse stands on StableComfort, it provides a supportive, even surface.

Mimicking Natural Turf

Our StableComfort System provides the feeling of spongy, thick turf because of what’s underneath. Shredded rubber stuffed mattresses are covered with a strong rubber mat and sealed on the edges to prevent shavings or urine from leaching into the mattress. This cushy stall flooring can save you money by cutting down on your bedding costs by 75%!

Proven Rubber Horse Stall Mats

We have a variety of different supportive horse stall mats. Our most popular is the 4' x 6' x 3/4" mat in either straight edge or interlocking design. We recommend flat top and bottom mats as they’re the most slip-resistant and don’t allow air to get under the mat. This cuts way down on smell!

Button Mats

Our most economical shock absorber! Button mats provide good cushion and are the best option for those on a budget. Perfect for stalls, aisleways and anywhere else supportive cushion is needed. The flat side is slip-resistant and easy to clean, while the bottom/ button side allows for air-flow and better adhesiveness to screening.


I-Tiles provide an elegant look for aisles or wash stalls while also giving your horse’s legs and joints the best traction and cushioning available!

Interlocking Mats

Interlocking rubber mats are another great option for aisleway, wash stall, or stall flooring as they provide an attractive, impermeable finish in addition to adequate cushioning.

Sportfloor Stamina

These mats are slip-resistant and water repellent, and customizable! This mat is an excellent choice for wash stalls and can be customized with your barn’s logo or any other design. These horse stall mats provide cushioned support for horse and human alike. They can be used anywhere from a gym to a tack room.

Easier Installation

We also offer an exclusive rubber cutter for rent or purchase, so you can easily slice mats to the size you need and enjoy a much easier installation process.

Flooring for you barn