Round Track Adjustable Trolley 7 1/2" Bolt Lawrence pair

Round track trolley for sliding doors
CA$ 115.00
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Round Track Trolley for use with round door track on sliding doors for horse stalls, barn doors, garden sheds or closet/bathroom doors. Provides a very smooth glide thanks to a Delrin roller. The round track trolley with a 7.5” bolt is to be used on any door with a header of approximately 5-6” in depth. This unique round trolley has an in and out adjustment on it so that if the door is not hanging straight it can be adjusted out from the wall or posts or in closer to the post. This is a unique feature that is not found on any other trolley. Parts are all made of high quality zinc. The round track trollies are build to withstand horse and animal livestock abuse on any rolling door. Made for doors up to 600lbs for a pair of trollies. Help us to help you to figure out the best trolley for your specific requirement.
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