Troxel - Cheyenne Helmet

Troxel Cheyenne


*All helmets are final sale. We recommend coming to the shop to get fitted for a new helmet, particularly if you are trying a new style or brand.*

Some may joke and call helmets “brain buckets” but in all seriousness, the equestrian sport presents a risk that many other sporting activities can’t mirror. For this reason, here at System Equine, we like to make sure there are a variety of helmets in stock that will suit your needs best. The Troxel Cheyenne is a helmet designed with a handmade leather exterior for western riders who value protection alongside the classic western look. This helmet meets ASTM and SEI standards so you can be assured you are outfitted with up to date safety technology.  The Cheyenne helmet is a low profile design for a natural look and super lightweight for rider comfort. The ventilation system in the helmet is more than sufficient, with six mesh vents and a FlipFold™ removable headliner which is fabricated with Air-Channel™ technology. On the interior of the Cheyenne, the SureFit™ Pro system provides thick padding and adjustable straps to properly cradle and stabilize the riders head. Investing in an up-to-date riding helmet is essential. Horses can be unpredictable, but the protective integrity of your helmet should never be.

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