Red Brand - Diamond Wire Mesh Horse Fence

Recognized by equestrian professionals as the safest wire mesh option for horses
CA$ 1,075.00

Red Brand Diamond Keepsafe V Mesh Horse Fencing has the most wire of any fence on the market for keeping horses in. If a horse kicks out at the fencing it will take the impact and come back to its original shape. If you have never installed fencing before this is not the fencing to start your install career on. Must be stretched and is under constant tension. 

V-Mesh wire weave pattern means no exposed wire or areas for the horse to get cut or caught on.


  • Flexes - make sure on install not to drive the staples all of the way home
  • Close wire spacing means hard for predators to get in
  • 12.5 gauge wire with a durable zinc coating on it.
  • 13 Lines

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