Back on Track - Men's Boxer Shorts

Therapeutic boxer shorts to help with groin and hip pain
CA$ 52.00 was CA$ 52.00

Men's Boxer Shorts offer relief for groin problems, superficial hip pain and bladder or prostrate problems due to the cold. We have seen good results with hip pain in the superficial muscles and tendons known as the tensor fascia lata. In younger and middle aged people, problems in these areas tend to be the main cause of hip pain.

The ribbed fabric is a polyester and cotton mix, with a double layer of fabric and extra room in front but with a closed fly, so the Boxer Shorts may also be used by women. The fabric is rather stretchy which means that the boxer shorts' are less sensitive to the choice of size. The waistband is made of a little wider elastic, with the Back on Track print.

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