Back on Track - Wrist Brace

Soothe sore wrists with this circulation enhancing wrist brace
CA$ 29.00

Whether suffering from an injury, or an injury related to repetitive motions, The Back On Track® Wrist Brace is a key product to assist you with recovery/pain management. Repetitive motion injuries are tissue injuries that occur as a result of repeated motions, and are among the most common of injuries. Repetitive motion injuries make up more than half of all athletic-related injuries seen by doctors and result in huge losses, in terms of cost to the workforce, as these disorders are made worse by the strains of daily living. Simple everyday actions, such as: throwing a ball, working at a computer, or jogging; can lead to tissue damage. Our exclusive Welltex® products support the body in stimulating circulation through FAR Infrared Therapy, which can help to alleviate pain, hasten recovery, and manage chronic symptoms.

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