Back on Track - Knee Brace

The Back on Tack Knee Brace with Velcro has an adjustable strap across its upper edge. The strap itself is elasticized, and held in place by two Velcro tabs at each end. The strap can be tightened when exercising or loosened during relaxation. It may even be removed completely, for example when sleeping. As this product can help to disperse edema and reduce inflammation, the adjustable strap can be quite beneficial in gradually readjusting the brace as your knee returns to normal.

Each side of the knee brace contains two soft steel spring supports which offer a certain amount of support and minimize the risk of the knee brace scrunching up in the crease of your knee.

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If you use Back on Track products on your horse you’ve no doubt seen the benefits, so here’s your opportunity to use them on yourself! Back on Track has a line of products for humans using their Welltex™ technology to reflect the bodies own infrared radiation to increase circulation, relieve pain, and promote healing. The Back on Track Knee Brace is focused on healing the knee area with the proper moulded fit. Knee pain is not just an issue for the later years, tissue can degrade from continuous use and knee injuries can happen at any age. If your knee has been bothering you due to an old injury, your equestrian activities, workout regime or just average, daily use then try the Back on Track brace for relief. As with any pain that affects your mobility, knee pain can be discouraging and frustrating to deal with. You shouldn’t have to give up the activities you enjoy, so try the Back on Track Knee Brace to see if the compression, support, and circulation promoting qualities can improve your knee mobility.

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