Back on Track - No Bows

Classic no-bows with Back On Track therapeutic properties
CA$ 91.00

These No Bow leg wraps are a great product produced by Back on Track, a company known for its innovations in rehabilitative, preventative and therapeutic care. Fabricated out of the cotton/polyester blend that comprises the Back on Track Welltex™ fabric, and infused with the similarly unique Back on Track ceramic powder, these wraps, along with all other Back on Track products, are highly regarded.

The ceramic powder component of the wraps functions by reflecting your horse’s own body energy to create an infrared thermal effect on your horse's legs. This technology results in reduced inflammation, wind puffs and increased mobility upon removal. Due to the No Bow fit, these wraps are suitable to be left on overnight and during transportation when paired with standing bandages. The Back on Track No Bow Leg Wraps can be especially useful following strenuous activity as a form of preventative care but can also be part of a horses routine as they undergo rehabilitation from an injury.

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