Back on Track - Exerciser Boots Hind

Welltex infused boots for everyday exercise

If you are already using exercise boots to protect your horse’s legs while they are being ridden, why not go one step further and implement the therapeutic Back on Track technology? Exercise boots are commonly used to support the tendons and ligaments in your horse’s legs but also to shield them against bumps and bruises from knocking their own legs or hitting objects in their environment (poles, barrels, etc.). Made of durable neoprene with velcro straps, these boots provide the best protection by conforming to the shape of your horse’s leg. The close contact fit means your horse’s legs will be well supported and debris from the environment is less likely to fill the boot and causing irritation. The classic Welltex™ technology works by reflecting the horse’s own body heat through infrared waves to promote circulation, reduce inflammation, and stiffness. This therapeutic system helps to prepare your horse’s legs for exercise and increase the recovery period afterwards. Injuries to your horse's tendons and ligaments can take a long time to heal and put a huge dent in your training schedule. By using Back on Track exercise boots, you’ll be keeping your horse’s legs conditioned and supple in order to take on the athletic demands of training. These boots are sold in both front and hind sets.

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