Back on Track - Knee Boots

The Back on Track Knee Brace is ideal for soreness of the carpal or ligaments around the legs' joints. The Knee Brace is often used as a preventative measure on horses that are prone to inflammations or lameness in the carpus. The Knee Brace has three velcro straps and is available for the right or left leg. The interior is made of a 50% cotton and 50% polyester fabric infused with ceramic particles, whist the exterior shell is made of neoprene.

In order to minimize the risk of the brace sliding down, we recommend that one wrap the leg below the brace and allow the wrap to go a couple of centimetres above the boot. This helps to minimize any risk for the protective brace to slide down which means that the boot doesn't need to be pulled too firmly. One can try turning the boot upside down in order to change the fit considering that the lower opening is smaller than the upper one.

CA$ 89.00
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