Back on Track - Royal Quick Wraps

Popularly used as a shipping boot or a standing wrap in a stall
CA$ 119.00

Do we even need to pitch Back on Track products anymore? Probably not, but we’ll rave about them anyways! As a company known for its innovations in rehabilitative, preventative, and therapeutic care, the Back on Track Royal Quick Wraps are another addition to a great line of products. These velcro leg wraps are intended to increase circulation and reduce inflammation in your horse’s legs. With a secure and close contact fit, these wraps are easy to put on and remove. These wraps are fabricated out of the Back on Track Welltex™ ceramic fabric, with a neoprene outer layer and a removable inner pad for washing. The Welltex™ fabric functions by reflecting the body’s own heat radiation so these wraps will be most effective if the horse is active during the hours of use, making these wraps suitable for both pasture and stable wear. These wraps can be used prior to exercise or afterwards, as a preventative measure or as a part of an injury rehabilitation program. Upon introduction, Back on Track suggests these wraps only be used for a maximum of 4 hours during a 24 hour period to allow your horse’s legs to become accustomed to the fit. Afterwards, these wraps can be used for a length of 8 hours during a 24 hours period. They are sold in pairs and available in three different heights according to cannon bone length:

  • Small: 35cm
  • Medium: 40cm
  • Large: 45cm

Help improve your horse’s exercise recovery by investing in a pair of Back on Track Royal Quick Wraps.

**Veterinary Disclaimer** This product may be best used upon consultation with a veterinarian. While available for customer purchase, if being used to treat an existing injury, it is advised that you consult your veterinarian before altering your horse’s rehabilitation program as a precaution since situations and circumstances may vary.

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