Protect your horses from chewing, gnawing, and cribbing. Avoid costly vet bills, dental injuries, dangerous digestive tract problems, and protect your facility!

Safe to spray on painted, wooden, plastic, or metal fences, stalls, gates, blanekts, or other surfaces that your horse desires to chew.

Can be used on exposed areas of wraps and bandages for added protection, Safe for reins, leads, and halters.

Will NOT irritate skin, stain blankets or wraps, or harm vegetation.

May cause slight discoloration. Testing small surface of inteded area is recommended prior to use.

Directions: Spray on intended areas you don't want your horse to chew. Hold bottle 12" away from target area of intended surface. Two full sprays will cover 12 linear inches. Use ONLY in well-ventilated areas. Remove horse from area to treat stall. Do not soak wraps and bandages with this product. Safe for use on leather. May be repeated consistently to deter chewing until fixation stops.

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