EcoLicious - De-Stress Conditioner

Intensive moisture
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Get ready to be amazed by the magic of all-natural ingredients. EcoLicious has successfully crafted the most effective mane and tail detangler on the equine market today with the added bonus of no chemicals. This means horses and people are being provided with only the safest of ingredients. Designed to specifically remove and prevent tangles it also penetrates deep into individual hairs, ensuring long-lasting moisture and smoothness. From the aiding in the removal of debris such as sticks and burrs to prepping for horse shows and every day maintenance this is a must have product for any horse owner. Coconut oil has been a remedy for dry hair in the human hair world for many years EcoLicious has now provided the equine world with this natural secret!

  • No silicones.
  • All-Natural ingredients such as coconut oil, sun flower oil, apricot kernel and olive oil naturally removes tangles and moisturizes.
  • Easy to use with long-last results.  
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