EcoLicious - So Fresh and So Green Concentrate

Concentate for 5 bottles of spray
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EcoLicious – So Fresh and So Green Concentrate

Unleash the all-natural power of So Fresh and So Green, now in a concentrate. Adds nutrients which protects the skin and hairs from damage. Made with 100% all-natural ingredients this product has been designed to only benefit coat health. Plant extracts and essential oils work together to bring out natural hair radiance, leaving it silky-smooth to the touch as well as noticeably brighter and silkier to the eyes. Simply mix a little bit of this formula with warm water and you are ready to bring out the best from your partners coat!

·         Makes 5L of the So Fresh and So Green body spray.

·         All-natural ingredients found in a 100% recycled plastic bottle.

·         Easy to mix and use.

·         Makes all coat types soft and shiny.

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