EcoLicious - In Control Brading & Mane Setting Cream

Mane taming cream
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EcoLicious – In Control Braiding and Mane Setting Cream

Tired of dealing with difficult manes? Look no further than EcoLicious’s In Control Braiding and Mane Setting Cream! An easy and effective way to bring out the most of your horses’ mane. This cream holds to individual hairs making it more manageable to braid. Keeps annoying fly aways in and holds braids firm for long periods of time. Also, an essential tool for training manes. The key ingredient, shea butter, is an all-natural tool that ensures the mane stays easy to handle and healthy.

·         All-natural ingredients such as shea butter, vitamins E and A as well as hemp oil and banana extracts.

·         Pleasant smell due to sweet orange extracts.

·         Easy to apply.

·         Makes braiding and mane training simple and quick.

·         Infuses individual hairs with nutrients and essential oils, leaving it healthier and more manageable than before.

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