Silvaplex 16 oz

Chelated silver nebuliser treatment for the Flexineb
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SilvaPlex helps you support your horse's immune system naturally. SilvaPlex helps expel excess mucous that blankets the lungs as well as any bacteria living there. Common respiratory issues such as colds and bronchitis have been shortened with the use of SilvaPlex, so they could get back to training, work, and competition faster. Horses regularly exposed to dust, allergens, and air pollutants can really benefit from the Flexineb as well to improve their overall health.

Silvaplex can be administered through a nebuliser (Flexineb), or with a syringe to the back of the throat.

Silver has historically shown to have intense antimicrobial effects (bacterial, viral, and fungal); actually, prior to the advent of modern antibiotics silver was the treatment of choice. While silver is manufactured in a variety of liquid forms, chelated silver is the best due to efficacy, stability, and environmental safety.

Chelated silver is gaining traction with acceptance by regulators as a completely drug-free alternative medicine. It is inert and can be used simultaneously with other nebuliser treatments.

Does not ship outside of Canada.

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