StableComfort - StableWall Kit

Durable, water-resistant, thermal barrier for stall and trailer walls
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StableWall provides a durable, water-resistant, thermal barrier for any horse stall. StableWall is commonly used in horse stall walls, rehabilitation stalls, foaling stalls, isolation barns, and horse trailers . With high-density and shock absorbing foam panels that are covered with a StableComfort top cover, the StableWall helps prevent injuries from head to hoof . StableWall panels help prevent casting and are a great option for many horses who need that extra bit of support. It is also a great option for wall kickers to help reduce wear and tear on their joints and hooves. StableWall panels are easy to install, maintain, clean, and disinfect. StableWall provides that extra comfort for your equine partner that they may require. StableWall is long-lasting, reliable, and easy to maintain. An excellent addition to StableComfort stall mats or also wonderful on their own. Help your horse live a life of comfort and luxury with StableWall.


  • 4' ×5' foam panels
  • 1 ½ “ thick foam panels
  • ¼” thick durable top cover

Top cover can be tailored to stall wall dimensions upon request.

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