StableComfort - Premium Pad

Upgraded premium pad for StableComfort and StableWall
CA$ 46.99
StableComfort Premium is an upgraded version of the original StableComfort stall mat . StableComfort Premium is softer and includes an added premium pad foam layer to provide exceptional support and comfort for your horse. According to the Glegg Hammer Impact Test, StableComfort Premium scored a 4.6 on its hardness factor, where regular StableComfort scored a 6.7 and solid rubber mats on concrete scored a high 15.5 for reference. This demonstrates how StableComfort Premium provides horses with a soft and supportive stall environment. StableComfort Premium continues to provide the same technologically advanced criteria as the regular StableComfort. These premiums stall mats have a multi-celled rubber crumb filled mattress, plus the original rubber crumbs. The premium foam pad is then added for additional comfort. The StableComfort Premium mat is then covered with a rubber-coated waterproof top and finished with heavy-duty plastic fastening strips. For optimal comfort and support, StableComfort Premium is a great choice for your equine partner.

Material: High density, high memory polyurethane foam
Thickness: 3/4 inch
Width: 46 inches
Length: 60 inches
Bundles: 60 pieces per skid
Weight: 14lbs per sheet


Premium Pad is used for StableComfort Premium and is placed over top of the mattress and under the top cover to allow for extra cushioning effect and minimize cell marks. Premium Pad can be especially effective during a re-cover installation. Premium Pad is also used for StableWall by StableComfort.
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