Back on Track - Nights Collection Jump Saddle Pad

Welltex infused saddle pad with great spine and wither clearance in an array of beautiful colours
CA$ 125.00

You and your horse will feel the difference with the Nights Collection Saddle Pad. Lined with a powerful and innovative waffle pattern and infused with our exclusive Welltex® technology, this Saddle Pad has the highest emissivity value of all our products to date. The infrared energy of Welltex® — that both horse and rider will experience — has been known to increase circulation while preventing injury and reducing inflammation and stiffness. With a breathable  double-layer lining, this Saddle Pad will help to not only speed up recovery but will also act as a shock absorber when riding. Produced using our No.1 design to allow for wither space and a reduction in spine pressure. 

• New Waffle pattern using our No.1 design
• Tailored fit and elegant design 
• 2 layers
• Welltex® technology

Fabric: 100% Polyester
Lining: Polypropylene with Welltex

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