Back on Track - Nights Collection Fleece Rug

Fleece blanket with quilted points at chest and back corner
CA$ 269.00
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The Nights Collection Fleece Rug is both elegant and velvety smooth. Lined with our exclusive Welltex® technology, your horse is sure to experience the therapeutic benefits of infrared. The front of this classic Rug is quilted to prevent stretching and chafing while showcasing a slimmed neckline. A hidden surcingle allows for an adjustable fit and the area covering the withers allows for protection. Use as a recovery method, during competition warm-up, or for everyday health and wellness. A great addition for all equine lovers looking to add a little style to their day.

 Overlap “T” closing in front
• Fluffy woolen withers
• One hidden surcingle
• Elegant details and silky quilted designs
• Welltex® technology 

Fabric: 100% Polyester 
Lining: Polypropylen with Welltex ®

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