Horseware - Rambo Wug T/O Heavy w/Varilayer

Horseware's beautifully styled higher-neck option is one of the toughest turnouts on the market.
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The Horseware Rambo Wug with Varilayer is a tough, warm turnout blanket. It features a 1000D waterproof ballistic nylon shell, which is one of the hardiest materials on the market for turnout blankets. It can stand up to not only any weather that Canada can throw at it, but also pretty much any paddock mate your horse may be turned out with! The wug is a higher neck cut than the classic Rambo, which means extra warmth and coverage without having to buy an additional neck piece. The varilayer system piles more filling at the top part of the blanket, where the horse loses the most heat, and less at the bottom where the insulation isn't required.
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