Hay OptiMizer InStall Slow Feeder with 1.6" Holes

Innovative slow feeder promoting natural grazing behaviour in the stall
CA$ 549.00

Always have hay available for your horses

Horses evolved to eat small amounts of forage continuously throughout the day and night. How can we feed our domesticated horses the way nature intended?

Offering free-choice hay can lead to over eating. And hay that's fed on the ground can be soiled and wasted.

Slow feed netting is proven to manage the consumption of hay. But filling hay bags every day takes a lot of time. And horses often hold their heads in unnatural positions while they're eating from a bag.

The OptiMizer is like a pasture in a box. Clean hay is always available and chewing is significantly prolonged, which supports gastric health.

Our research shows that OptiMizers enable natural foraging behaviours. Hay consumption is regulated and horses are content.

With an OptiMizer, you can rest assured that you are providing your horses' hay in a natural and healthy way.

Optimize Hay Feeding

For your horses...

  • Clean hay is always available
  • Eating is slow and relaxed
  • Head is down in a natural position

For you...

  • Easy and fast to refill
  • Hay consumption is controlled
  • Hay is not soiled or wasted

About the OptiMizer InStall

Designed to be mounted in a corner of a stall (or shelter, fence corner etc.). The OptiMizer InStall:

  • Measures 29" x 29" and is 22" deep
  • Holds up to 25 pounds of hay
  • Can be mounted on two sides or on one side using an upper and middle mounting position
  • Can be mounted on typical, strong substrates such as hardwood, softwood, cement, corral panels etc.
  • Mounting height is based on your horse's requirements
  • Is made from the same materials as our paddock OptiMizer including an LLDPE manger and stainless steel components
  • OptiNet knotless netting is proven to be durable yet gentle for feeding horses. The netting drapes over the hay as it is consumed slowly through the openings.
    • 3 net sizes available
  • The netting is mounted on a stainless steel assembly that quickly opens with one hand to refill hay
    • It just takes two fingers in the horse-proof latch to open the net!


Kaitlyn M, Ontario

The health of my horse has improved, which has made me so happy!!!

Dia had a history of ulcers, which changed her demeanor and required $1000’s in expensive prescription medication. Her vet and equine nutritionist recommended a forage-first diet. But Dia was consistently without hay in the morning.

With the OptiMizer InStall, Dia is receiving the same amount of hay but always has some left over in the morning. She is calm and easier to handle.

Taylor S, Ontario

Absolute game changer for my very messy Clydesdale. Zero waste, quick filling, and best of all slow feeding all night long!

The dream of caring for her own horses was turning into a nightmare. Every morning, there was so much wasted hay and bedding in the stalls. Big horses consume a lot of hay and can create a big mess! Bellator, a 1700 pound mare, had the worst stall to muck.

The OptiMizer InStall was the solution for this back-breaking work and bank-breaking waste of hay and bedding.

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