OptiMizer Hay Feeder - Poly with Slow Feeding Net 1.5" Holes

Slow feeding, quick filling
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The OptiMizer is made from durable plastic and is approximately 48" by 48" by 34" tall. There are no sharp edges—all corners are rounded and bevelled. It holds two small square bales (about 150 pounds) of hay. A slide arm at the top locks slow-feed netting into place over the bales. The net conforms to the shape of the hay, and horses slowly pull and eat hay through the mesh. 2-4 horses can comfortably eat at the same time from it.

It takes less than a minute to fill the OptiMizer. Simply un-clip the slide arm and push it to the side of the OptiMizer. Add two bales of hay, cut and remove the twine, pull back, and re-clip the slide arm. You’re done—slow feeding a day’s hay in under a minute!


The manger is made of durable and lightweight Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE). This is the same material that playground equipment and drinking water tanks are made from. All corners are rounded with 1? diameters, making a smooth and safe surface if rubbed against.

The netting is made in Canada out of durable, knotless nylon that has proven to be gentle on muzzles but tough to withstand the challenge of feeding horses.


The slide arm provides for smooth, one handed operation to open and close the feeder.

Slow feed netting hangs freely inside the feeder and conforms with the hay right to the bottom of the feeder.

The feeder fits 2 small square bales up to 16” high and 42” long each – 150 pounds of hay.


The tiniest bits are the tastiest. As your horse feeds through any net, some of the delicate leaves can be stripped off of the grasses or alfalfa. These are often the yummiest parts for your horse. With an OptiMizer, these pieces are not lost to the ground but remain within the feeder for your horses to clean up as they feed. Even the smallest leaves are tidied up, leaving an empty plate ready for the next load of hay.

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