Red Barn - 4' x 6' x 3/4" Button Stall Mats (Seconds)

Great quality mat at an affordable price point
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Red Barn’s Button Stall Mat Seconds are a convenient option if you’re looking for for an affordable and reliable stall mat. These mats feature a flat top and button bottom. There is some debate on which side should face up, but we suggest having the button side down. This is because the buttons on the bottom actually provide cushion when weight is applied on top. Mucking is much easier since you’d be running your pitchfork or shovel along a flat surface as opposed to constantly running into the buttons.

Since they are seconds, these mats will have some imperfections which can include any of the following: tears, areas with a crumbly texture, missing edges or corners, or soft spots. They aren’t perfect, but if installed on stone dust, you bed your stalls deep, or if horses will only be stalled for a few hours per day then they may be an excellent option for you. We don’t recommend them for high-use areas such as stalls that house horses for the majority of the day, stalls with little bedding, grooming areas, or wash stalls. Get the same great qualities of Red Barn stall mats for a more affordable price with these seconds mats. They are non-absorbent, slip-resistant, and provide a stable environment for your horse.

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