Mud Control Grid 19.69" x 19.69" x 2.12" Grey (2.69 sq feet)

Ideal for muddy paddocks, riding arenas, parking lots, and pathways
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Ideal for muddy paddocks, riding arenas, parking lots and pathways. The solution to prevent ground erosion. Excellent water drainage through the surface. And even in dry periods they keep the surface moist for longer. Up to 6.3 fl oz per 1 ft² (2 l per 1 m²). The interlocking design creates a stable, self-supporting structure. Suitable for loads up to 56 tons per 10 ft² (60 tons per 1m²).

  • Anti-slip design with ideal aperture size for horses
  • Durable, non-rotting and weather resistant
  • Minimal groundwork preparation required
  • Frost and UV-resistant
  • Interlocking design enables easy and quick installation
  • Easy to extend or remove at any time

Coverage: 4 units per m² – 4 units = 10.76 ft²


Quality (material): 100% recycled polyethylene & polypropylene
Colour: Grey
Length: 50 cm – 19,69"
Width: 50 cm – 19,69"
Thickness: 5.3 cm – 2.12"
Weight: 6.7 kg – 14.77 lbs
Weight per m²: 26.8 kg – 59.08 lbs
Pieces per pallet: 164

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